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In traffic

Updated: 2017-09-01 23:51:39

Owner history

Date Ownername Fleetnumber
Frankrike 1997 Collectivités des Transports Angevins, Angérs 401
Frankrike 2008 Keolis France, Angérs 401
Frankrike 2015 Angérs Loire Metropóle, Angérs
Regno Year Registration date
2561 WY 49
1997 1997
Temporarly out of service Dereg. date Dereg. cause
Chassis Chassisno/VIN
Scania CN94UB4X2 EB YS4N4X20001829825
Body Body number
Scania Angérs OmniCity 38530
Engine Gearbox Rear axle ratio
Scania DSC 911 4 HP 500 N/80D 4,54

Technical data

Date Length Width Height Wheelbase Service weight Total weight Fuel HP PAX Doors
1997 12000 2500 6000 Diesel 2-2-2
Comment: Rebuilt to Restaurant bus, Angérs 2014
Other information

Scania-demo D24 - COTRA
Sold 2015 as Restaurant du Coeur